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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrie Fisher 1956 - 2016

A Star Blinks Out

By Gary;

I am not sure I can add anything worthwhile to the assorted RIPs and bios being pumped out by the ton.

Perhaps the one meaningful observation I can bring to the table is this:  Princes Leia was the star, not Carrie Fisher.

Movies draw us into fantasy wonderlands. We want to escape our drab lives and be in that alternate world of Oz or in the room with Don Corleone.

In 2 and 1/4 movies Princess Leia was our escape into that galaxy far, far away.  I say 1/4 film because after the Slave Girl Leia portion the third Star Wars film devolved into a steaming pile of Ewok crap.

Star Wars itself was the star. Carrie Fisher was just along for the ride. An actress in the right place at the right time. Her other films were enormously forgettable. A true movie star does hit after hit in many different types of films.

This is not to downgrade Fisher. It is what it is. Hollywood is filled with "stars" who are not.

At an early age Fisher was lucky enough to grasp the the ring of super-stardom. Her character became a legend soaring high above almost everyone. Perhaps knowing she would never again come even remotely close to the Legend of Princess Leia she went down the road of drug abuse.

Whatever her failings as a person she brought joy to the silver screen to generations and generations.

So tonight I fill my glass with gin and make a toast. "To Leia. Thanks for the memories. May the force be with you."

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Anonymous said...

life came hard on Carrie ... may she now rest in peace

Anonymous said...

life came hard on the them ... now his mother