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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Islamists Teach Child Soldiers to Rape

Making Jihad One Rape at a Time

(Breitbart)  -  Islamist militants from the Boko Haram terror group are instructing their teenage recruits how to sexually assault women as part of their training, both as a means of terror and an incentive for the young militants.

As part of their formation program, the Nigeria-based Jihadi leaders rape women and young girls captured during raids in front of the boys as a visual lesson in how to subdue a struggling victim during sexual assault, according to reports.

One 15-year-old boy known only as Ahmed said that the girls “scream and cry for help,” but the militants don’t care. “Sometimes they’ll be slapped and threatened with guns if they didn’t cooperate,” he said.

According to Ahmed, the jihadists accompany their demonstrations with specific instructions on how to carry out a rape.

“They tell us to remember to hold the girl tight on both hands, pinned to the floor,” he said. “They said we shouldn’t let a woman overpower us.”

The young soldier said that before one attack, his superiors told the militants to capture as many women as they could, promising that they would be allowed to “have fun” when they returned to their base.

“At first I didn’t understand what they meant by ‘you are going to have fun’ and nobody thought to explain,” said Ahmed. This was before his training in sexual assault.

According to Ahmed, encouraging young militants to have sex with captives is a relatively new tactic, since previously, the leaders forbade teenage soldiers from doing so, saying that women belonged to men and not boys.

The change in policy reportedly reflects a need to incentivize younger soldiers, especially now that a significant number of senior fighters have been killed off by the Nigerian military.

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Rape Creates New Jihadis
(Daily Post)  -  Aisha said, “They show you a gun, and then whatever they say you have to follow their command. He would lock me up during the day and rape me at night.
“He would go on operations and kill people, and then come home and force me to be with him,” she added.
Aisha, reports revealed, was rescued by the Cameroon military, but the worst of her ordeal was finding out she was impregnated by her rapist.
“I am not enjoying that I have a baby from a Boko Haram man,” she lamented.

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