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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Clinic offers to measure your penis

Retard Alert
  • First, what kind of retard visits a clinic to get measured and what sicko volunteers to do the measuring?
  • But it gets worse. Pervert clinic workers will now visit the homes of "vulnerable young men" to do the measuring.

(The Local)  -  A clinic in southern Sweden hopes that its new penis measuring tape will convince more young men to stop by for appointments.

The tape, which measures diameter rather than length, is designed to help young men find the appropriate size of condom. It is part of a new project in collaboration with the Blekinge county council which aims to get more young men to visit youth clinics.
“When you get guys to visit you can move on to mental health, so we want to get them here one way or another,” Emelie Svensson, a district nurse at the clinic told radio station P4 Blekinge.

Since October the clinic has been visiting male-dominated upper secondary school courses to inform them about their work and sexual health, and will now also begin to visit homes for vulnerable young people.
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does that not in Obamacare ?