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Monday, August 1, 2016

Russians Love Trump, Hate Clinton

Now That's The Ticket
Mike Pence for VP?  Yawn.
Pence. I mean, really, are you kidding?

(Information Liberation)  -  Russians love "honest and open" Donald Trump and hate the warmonger Hillary Clinton whom they say is "ready to storm Russia tomorrow." 

From The Daily Caller:

Donald Trump is pretty popular in Russia -- at least, for an American.  

Twenty-eight percent of Russians believe that a Trump presidency would benefit U.S.-Russia relations, while only one percent said they approved of U.S. leadership, according to a new poll conducted by the Interfax News Agency. Only 9 percent believe the same for Hillary Clinton.

"I like Donald Trump the best. He is a good looking man," a young Russian woman told BBC News in April. "His attitude towards Russia is better than Hillary Clinton's."

"Donald Trump is the one I prefer. I think he is more honest and open," another Russian said with a slight smirk.  (One Russian) writes that he believes a Trump presidency would prevent war between America and Russia, while he views Clinton with distrust and hostility. "Look at Hillary, it's clear -- she's ready to storm Russia tomorrow!" he said
Whereas Trump has said he wants peace with Russia, Clinton and her neocon backers view Russia as their number one enemy because Putin won't let his country be subverted by globalists. 

Russia hasn't actually done anything aggressive to the United States, whereas Clinton's state department is constantly meddling in their affairs and the US led sanctions and oil wars are crippling their economy. The recent fighter jet fly-over in the Baltic sea Clinton and Obama wanted to use to start WW3 was a defensive measure to show the limp-wristed Obama they're tired of his threats. 

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Not all Presidents are created equal.

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