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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

More than 60 DNC superdelegates are registered lobbyists

Government of, by & for the Corporations

  • It has become nearly impossible for anyone to get elected to Congress without being bought and paid for by campaign cash from the special interest Billionaire Cartels.
  • Democracy is an illusion to make the simple minded feel they have a voice. But the rulers are the Oligarchs.
  • Until we have true election reform in the House such as proportional representation we the people will have next to zero voice in our own government.

(Sunlight Foundation)  -  Lobbyists wield enormous influence and, depending on your point of view, can bring positive or negative changes to our government. From reptile keepers to balloon enthusiasts, everyone has a constitutional right to petition government. 

The power some lobbyists hold over both parties in Congress and the White House is well documented. But what's not well documented is how lobbyists play a role in the Democratic party’s nominating process.

We found, some of the superdelegates also happen to be lobbyists for interests like big banks, payday lenders, health care insurers and unions.

Since February, Sunlight has pored over hundreds of names and affiliations of DNC superdelegates from all over the country. Our methodology included going state by state to the respective lobbying registration database, as well as using data from OpenSecrets.org, to see if an individual was ever registered as a federal or state lobbyist. 

At least 63 superdelegates have registered as a lobbyist at the federal level or state level at some point. (Note: As we documented in our state lobbying report card, some states keep poor records of lobbying, so some information may be out of date.)
Those include some pretty big names, such as former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell — who used to lead DLA Piper, a law and lobbying firm — and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who was a registered lobbyist working for Ballard Spahr LLP on telecommunications and health issues as recently as 2012. Richard Gephardt, the former House minority leader, is also a registered lobbyist on behalf of a firm that shares his namesake, the Gephardt Group.
Some other notable lobbyist superdelegates:
  • Donald L. Fowler is a former Democratic National Committee chair who was a registered lobbyist for the S.C. Credit Union in South Carolina in 2009.
  • Alexis Tameron was registered to lobby for American Traffic Solutions in Arizona in 2011.
  • Joyce Brayboy is a lobbyist for Goldman Sachs, most recently registered in 2015.
  • Steve Grossman, a former president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and now a federal lobbyist for HPS Inc. working on issues related to the budget.
By our count, 28 states and D.C. had at least one superdelegate who was at one time a registered lobbyist on the federal or state level. Thanks to K Street, the District of Columbia, unsurprisingly, had the most – a total of eight registered lobbyist superdelegates. Union lobbyists were also well represented among the superdelegates, totaling at least 11, mostly at the state level.
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Congress is Bought & Paid For
Your Congressman has no interest in you in any way.  He spends his time licking the boots of the Wall Street Elites who want wide open borders for cheap labor and to export middle class jobs to Mexico and Asia.
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