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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Turkey letting jihadists enter Europe and is buying ISIS oil

Moshe Ya'alon, former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces.
He currently serves as 
Defense Minister.

Israel, Greece and Iran Agree
  • NATO member Turkey is backing ISIS as a weapon against the Kurds and Syria while exporting hundreds of thousands of Muslim illegal aliens into Europe.

(RT News)  -  Israel’s defense minister has alleged that the Islamic State terror group has long been funded with “Turkish money.”
"As you know, Daesh (Islamic State, previously ISIS/ISIL) enjoyed Turkish money for oil for a very, very long period of time. I hope that it will be ended," Moshe Yaalon told reporters in Athens on Tuesday after meeting his Greek counterpart, Panos Kammenos, Reuters reports.
"It's up to Turkey, the Turkish government, the Turkish leadership, to decide whether they want to be part of any kind of cooperation to fight terrorism. This is not the case so far," he said.

An ISIS Traffic Jam
Huge convoys of ISIS oil and resupply trucks on a highway to
Turkey as photographed by Russian jets.

Yaalon’s counterpart, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, made similar statements, saying that a large part of the Islamic State’s oil trade, as well as the financing of terror, is going through Turkey.
Earlier, Russia had accused Turkey of shady dealings with ISIS. In December, the Russian Defense Ministry released maps and satellite images it said proved that Turkey was the main consumer of oil smuggled out of Syria and Iraq by the terrorists. The ministry also claimed that the Turkish president and his family were involved in the criminal dealings.
Iran has also said it was in possession of photographic and video evidence of ISIS oil entering Turkey in trucks.
In December, Syria’s envoy to the UN Bashar al-Ja’afari also accused Turkey of supporting terrorist groups. The diplomat appealed to the UN, urging it to end Ankara’s "violations and crimes."
Turkey has "permitted jihadists to move from Europe to Syria and Iraq and back, as part of Daesh's terrorist network, and I hope this will stop, too," Yaalon added, according to a transcript of the Israeli minister’s comments provided by the Greek Defense Ministry.
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