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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nude statues hidden so Muslims will not be offended

Italy Licks the Boots of Islam

  • Politically correct spineless Italians hide their classic art work so as not to offend Muslims from Iran who oppress religious minorities.
  • The idea of actually being proud and standing up for their own culture never entered into their tiny brains.

(CBS News)  -  The Romans have censored themselves to make visiting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani feel more comfortable during his historic stop in Italy.

Rouhani -- the first Iranian leader to visit Europe in almost 20 years -- met Tuesday with Pope Francis at the Vatican, but another stop on his agenda was the famed Capitoline Museum, where classic Italian nude sculptures were covered with plain white boards to avoid offending the Muslim president.
Italian news agency ANSA said the nudes were covered out of respect for Rouhani.
Nonetheless, the move wasn't going over well with many Italians on social media, some of whom lambasted it as "absurd," and "embarrassing, servile behaviour."
Others asked whether Italian leaders had questioned Rouhani over Iran's dubious human rights record.
In another tweak to the usual routine for visiting dignitaries in the ancient city, an official state dinner in Rouhani's honor was served Monday without the customary Italian wine on offer.
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Plywood panels cover naked statues inside the Capitoline Museum,
on Capitol Hill, during a meeting between Italian Premier Matteo
Renzi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in Rome,
Italy, January 25, 2016.

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