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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kurds to cut off ISIS supply lines from Turkey

Anti-ISIS YPG Kurdish militia

This is why Obama hates Russia

  • Putin exposed Obama's lies when the Russians finally rolled into the Middle East to bomb the crap out of Islamists armed by the CIA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
  • If you think for one second that NATO member Turkey would bomb the anti-ISIS Kurds with American jets and weapons without the permission of the White House then you are nuts.  This entire "war" is a public relations fraud.

(Reuters)  -  The powerful Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and its local allies have drawn up plans for a major attack to seize the final stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border held by Islamic State fighters, a YPG source familiar with the plan said on Thursday.
Such an offensive could deprive Islamic State fighters of a logistical route that has been used by the group to bring in supplies and foreign recruits.
(TRANSLATION  -  This offensive would prevent NATO member Islamist Turkey, which uses U.S. equipment, from sending even more weapons and supplies to ISIS butchers.)
But it could lead to confrontation with Turkey, which is fighting against its own Kurdish insurgents and sees the Syrian Kurds as an enemy.
After a year of military gains aided by U.S.-led air strikes, the Kurds and their allies already control the entire length of Syria's northeastern Turkish frontier from Iraq to the banks of the Euphrates river, which crosses the border west of the town of Kobani.

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Almost all the 2015 gains against ISIS were made by the Kurds who 
have been starved of weapons by Dear Leader Obama.

Other Syrian insurgent groups control the frontier further west, leaving only around 100 km (60 miles) of border in the hands of Islamic State fighters, running from the town of Jarablus on the bank of the Euphrates west to near the town of Azaz.
But Turkey says it will not allow the Syrian Kurds to move west of the Euphrates.
The source confirmed a report on Kurdish news website Xeber24 which cited a senior YPG leader saying the plan includes crossing the Euphrates to attack the Islamic State-held towns of Jarablus and Manbij, in addition to Azaz, which is held by other insurgent groups.
The source did not give a planned date, but said a Jan. 29 date mentioned in the Xeber24 report might not be accurate.
The YPG has been the most important partner on the ground of a U.S.-led air campaign against Islamic State, and is a major component of an alliance formed last year called the Syria Democratic Forces, which also includes Arab and other armed groups. The alliance is quietly backed by Washington, even as its NATO ally in the region, Turkey, is hostile.
The political party affiliated with the YPG, the PYD, has been excluded from Syria peace talks the United Nations plans to hold in Geneva on Friday. The PYD and its allies say their exclusion undermines the process and have blamed Turkey.
Ankara fears further expansion by the YPG will fuel separatist sentiment among its own Kurdish minority. It views the Syrian Kurdish PYD as a terrorist group because of its affiliation to Turkish Kurdish militants.
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Reclaiming Sinjar:
Pushing Back the Islamic State

The newest female militia group fighting ISIS is the Female Protection Forces of the Land Between the Two Rivers predominantly made up of Syrian Christian women. The group’s numbers are small, but as a recent upstart it has already begun to make a name for itself fighting ISIS. Around 50 active fighters currently comprise the force, however it is likely to grow larger as it graduates more trainees and gains renown.
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