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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Is it U.S. policy to level the entire Middle East?

A member of Iraqi pro-government forces stands amid the rubble of destroyed buildings in Ramadi.

"We had to destroy the city
in order to save the city."
My theory is U.S. policy wants to create chaos

By Gary;

Everywhere we go in the Middle East, death and the destruction of entire cities and civilizations follows us.

So the question of the day: are we just fuck ups? or is this part of a Master Plan?

I for one will never underestimate the ability of our government to turn anything of beauty into a steaming open sewer.

But in the case of the Middle East we see a string of deliberate policies from Libya to Yemen to Iraq to Syria that are not only creating Islamist terrorism but also leveling all infrastructure.

Ali Khedery, the longest serving U.S. official in Iraq, says: "Ramadi I think was a victory in the worst possible sense in that . . . there really wasn't much left of Ramadi by the time it had been deemed 'liberated'," he told Business Insider.  "This seems like the 100th battle for Ramadi since 2003."

Ramadi had been a town of 500,000 people. Now there are no jobs, no place to live, no economy and no money to rebuild.  The perfect breeding ground for terrorist groups.

ISIS could easily have been stopped by U.S. air power in the wide open deserts of Iraq before they got any where near Ramadi. The fact that they were not bombed, and we claim to have been "surprised" by the invasion, means the U.S. wanted ISIS to invade.

There is no other logical conclusion.

My theory is the U.S. wants anarchy and wide spread destruction.  Cities everywhere are being reduced to rubble with weapons provided by the U.S. and our Islamist allies like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. I believe our government wants to keep the factions busy fighting each other and then keep them focused on rebuilding their nations.

It is the only theory that fits with the facts.

Iraqi Special Forces In Ramadi

 Iraqi forces use a Russian-made "Kornet" anti-tank guided missile to target ISIS

Hezbollah captures an ISIS Stronghold

We now control the rubble of Ramadi!

Beautiful Aleppo, Syria before the U.S. shipped mountains of weapons to Islamist rebels.

What is left of Aleppo, Syria after Islamists armed by the U.S., Turkey and Saudi Arabia got done with it.

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