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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Joe Scarborough defends Trump against Fox News

Yellow Journalism at Fox

  • Every few minutes there is yet another screaming "News Alert" on Fox.  We are all going to die, film at 6, don't forget to tune in.  All media is money driven and does Yellow Journalism to jack up sales and advertising income, but Fox has turned it into a fine art.
  • There is no real reason for The Donald to voluntarily drop himself into a Fox Debate meat grinder where the hosts and candidates with 4% in the polls can rip him to pieces on live TV.  Personally I am maxed out on debates. Let's vote.

(Business Insider)  -  MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has offered a fairly passionate defense of Donald Trump's decision to skip this Thursday's Fox News Republican presidential debate.
Scarborough on Wednesday repeatedly supported Trump's claim that Fox host Megyn Kelly, one of the debate's moderators, was biased against Trump's presidential campaign.
At one point, Scarborough played a short highlight reel of Kelly's sharper words for Trump and for the media — including Scarborough's "Morning Joe" — regarding some of its relentless Trump coverage.
"That is just good, unbiased journalism," Scarborough said, sarcastically. "And if I were a candidate, I certainly would want that person asking me questions in a fair and a balanced way."
Is cable news really news or simply ratings and
money driven tabloid info-tainment?

He added: "No, actually, as I said before, I would rather set myself on fire in front of the Fox News news studio than go on the debate stage with that."
Scarborough, a former Republican congressman whose show competes daily against Fox News, further argued that Fox chief Roger Ailes had made a mistake by standing so firmly against Trump.
Trump has repeatedly suggested Kelly would be unfair to him at the Thursday-night event. Fox dismissed Trump's criticism as unfounded and said Kelly would remain one of the three moderators of its debate.
After the network mocked Trump for polling his Twitter followers about whether he should go to the debate, given Kelly's alleged bias, the Republican front-runner announced he would boycott it.
"He's ahead by 20, 30 points. He's probably going to be the front-runner," Scarborough said atanother point in his show. "And when you know that Fox News' viewers tend to trend older and white and male — and Donald Trump's most ardent supporters are older and white and male — is one anchor worth splitting the network's audience right down the middle?"
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Yellow Journalism
This 1890s cartoon shows the two editors dressed in yellow newspaper building the word ‘war’ out of blocks.
Nothing has changed since the media driven and created Spanish-American War.  Big media needs to make money.  Lots and lots of money.  Stories are run in an endless 24 hour loop to make you scared to death of hot dogs, terrorism, beer, cell phones or evil foreigners.  

Nothing has changed.
In the eternal search for money the Media Machine always paints foreigners with their strange ways and funny looks as evil and bloodthirsty beasts.  The Media says "Just let the government go to war with them and then you will be safe."  The fact that the Media Machine will make more money covering the war is not mentioned.

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