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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trump-Cruz tied in meaningless primary

Another Bullshit "Election" in California
  • Yet another California Presidential primary is rolling around for JUNE.  Hell, as usual everything will be all over by then.
  • So here is a meaningless poll taken for a meaningless primary.
  • Question  -  Why are California Republicans and Democrats so fucking stupid that they have no interest at all in having a meaningful voice in selecting a President? Personally I think it is a plot to keep me from voting.

(San Jose Mercury News)  -  Ted Cruz has surged to the top of the pack of Republican presidential candidates in California, a new Field Poll shows, mirroring the Texas senator's rapid rise in early-primary states across the nation.
Cruz and Donald Trump are now knotted in a statistical dead heat for top support among California's likely GOP voters five months before the state's primary.

45 percent of California Republican primary voters have an unfavorable view of Trump, while only 20 percent say so of Cruz and 26 percent say so of Rubio. And 43 percent of GOP voters say they would be dissatisfied or upset if Trump winds up the nominee, while only 21 percent say so of Cruz and 24 percent say so of Rubio.

Cruz's fundraisers in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach made Dec. 16 the campaign's most lucrative day so far, said Ron Nehring, a former state GOP chairman who heads Cruz's California campaign. Volunteers from all over the state converged on Los Angeles to see Cruz at an organizing meeting during that same visit -- denoting Cruz's support by big donors and grass roots alike. Cruz raised almost $20 million nationwide in 2015's final quarter, on top of the $26 million he had reported raising by the end of September.
"That has been a consistent, central part of our approach -- to unite conservatives behind a single, well-funded candidate," Nehring said.
DiCamillo said the new poll left him surprised by "the weakness of Jeb Bush within his own party." Bush is now in sixth place as the first choice of 4 percent of California's likely Republican voters, down from 8 percent support in October, 11 percent last May and 16 percent last February.
The former Florida governor's efforts to break out of his downward spiral have failed, and for a guy who had started out as a presumed frontrunner, "he really has not played that role very well," DiCamillo said.
Nationally, Trump still tops the surging Cruz by 16 percentage points, according to an average of recent polls compiled by Real Clear Politics. 
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