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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kurds occupy Conservative Party HQ over UK support for Turkey

"Conservatism" in Action

  • The "Conservative" British government and other Western nations have starved the Kurds of weapons to fight against ISIS.  
  • A "crazy" Blogger like me could conclude that the West is supporting Islamist terrorism.

(Evening Standard)  -  Pro-Kurdish demonstrators stormed the Conservative Party’s campaign headquarters this afternoon as they objected to the Government’s support of Turkey.

A group of about 50 people bypassed security staff to gain entry into the building in Matthew Parker Street shortly after 2pm on Tuesday.
The Metropolitan Police Service were called to the demonstration but said the protest was peaceful as campaigners handed in a petition.
A police spokesman said officers spoke to the building security team and building owners before implementing a “proportionate policing response”.
The activists entered the building on Tuesday afternoon and are refusing to leave the lobby. In one video from inside the building shouts of “wake up Cameron” and “stop the genocide” can be heard.

Tension between the Kurds and Turkish authorities have escalated again in recent months as the civil war in Syria and the battle against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) continues.
Kurdistan shares a border with Syria. Its army, the Peshmerga, has been integral in the ground war against IS. However, Turkish authorities see fighters in the region as terrorists.
On December 19 Turkish troops killed 68 members of the PKK. They said their operation would not end “until security is established.”

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LIVE: Pro-Kurdish protesters occupy
Conservative HQ in London

Screenshot of Kurds taking over the Conservative Party HQ

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