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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Trump supporter takes on Jeb Bush

Now that is a damn good question

  • Funny how the controlled media machine and the talking heads on TV and radio somehow don't ask the question below.
  • Far too many Republicans can't wait to ship arms and bomb the crap out of everyone, everywhere with no thought about the body bags of U.S. servicemen that will be coming come.
  • FACT - The Syrian civil war would have ended years ago if the U.S., Islamist Turkey and Islamist Saudi Arabia had not pumped mountains on weapons into the region.

(Associated Press)  —  A fiery Jeb Bush defended his foreign policy strategies Saturday in the face of criticism from a Donald Trump supporter who showed up at one of Bush's town hall meetings.

Christopher Mazerall, a town chairman for Trump's New Hampshire campaign, said he decided to come by Bush's event on his way to make calls for Trump's presidential bid.
"You're willing to engage in a world war with Russia over foreign interests in Syria," Mazerall told Bush from the crowd. "How is that not treason?" 

His assertion centered on Bush's call for the U.S. to support a no-fly zone in Syria, where Russia is engaged in the country's years-long civil war.
"The no-fly zone, in my mind, should send a signal to Russia we're back in the game," Bush replied. "Mr. Trump has suggested we should just outsource this and let Russia destroy ISIS." He declared: "We should not outsource that to the Russians; they're not our friends."
The exchange lasted several minutes, with Mazerall also challenging Bush's earlier statement that it would violate international standards under the Geneva Conventions to bomb the Islamic State group without regard for the killing of innocent civilians.
"You said it would be against the Geneva Convention to attack ISIS where their families are," Mazerall said, using an acronym for the Islamic State group.
"Yeah, killing innocent people would be a war crime," Bush shot back. "No president would allow for the killing of innocents as a designed strategy of the United States, my friend — no one."

(Editor's Note - Using Bush's words that means every American pilot who bombed Japan and Germany in WWII or in the Korean War or in Vietnam is a war criminal.)
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