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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Violent Leftists protest Spanish Spending Cuts

Waving the Communist flag in Spain.
Violent Socialists riot in Spain because the right of center government dares to try and balance the budget and cut insane leftist spending. 

A Warning to the U.S.A. about Leftists holding power

  • 23% unemployment in Socialist welfare state Spain.
  • Mountains of debt that can never be paid off.
  • A Socialist Entitlement Society where no one has no work and everybody get "free" stuff from the State. 

The Spanish government has vowed to stick to its labour market reforms, defying union leaders who threatened further unrest after staging the first general strike since Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took office three months ago.
Demonstrators, brandishing a sea of red flags of Spain's major unions, marched down the Spanish capital's main streets towards the central Puerta del Sol square.
Rajoy's conservative government says the new labour law, which makes it cheaper to lay off staff and easier to cut salaries, is needed to attack Spain's 22.85 per cent jobless rate. The government predicts the unemployment rate, already the highest among industralised nations, will rise to 24.3 per cent this year as another 630,000 people lose their jobs reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

About 800,000 people took part in street protests across Spain during a general strike held Thursday against labor market reforms and government spending cuts, the interior ministry said.

The largest demontrations were held in Galicia where 140,000 people turned out, in Madrid with 85,000 demonstrators, Andalusia with 80,000, the Basque Country with 85,000 and Catalonia with 68,000, according to ministry figures.
Spain's two main unions, the CCOO and the UGT, which organized the general strike and evening protests in over 100 cities and towns across the country said participation in the demonstrations was much higher.
Nearly one million people turned out to the protest in Madrid alone and 800,000 hit the streets of Barcelona, Spain's second-largest city.  Police shot smoke canisters and fired rubber bullets into the ground so they would ricochet into people's legs in the Catalan capital, television pictures showed, as a rubbish container burned in a city street.
Across the country 116 people were injured during the strike and protests -- 70 police officers and 46 protesters -- according to the interior ministry.

Violent Spanish Socialists riot over budget cuts.

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