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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

House GOP blocks e-verify

GOP House Speaker Boehner is blocking e-verify from coming to a vote

  • The Republican leadership talks tough on immigration and spending but they drag their feet on any meaningful action.
  • While millions of Americans are unemployed, GOP Presidential candidates have fallen all over themselves in debates to prove to voters that they favor the legal importation of countless millions of brand new immigrants into the U.S.  . . . . . and every one of these new immigrants will compete with Americans for the limited supply of jobs.

Republicans who won control of the House in 2010 promised to get tough on illegal immigration.  But the GOP has totally failed to push through any major crackdown.
Fed up with Republican congressional leaders, a group advocating a crackdown on immigration began running ads demanding that House Speaker John  Boehner allow a vote on legislation requiring businesses to use E-Verify, the government database to check workers’ legal status reports the Washington Times.
NumbersUSA, the group sponsoring the ads, accused Boehner and his fellow Republican House leaders of blocking the bill over fears that it will anger Hispanic voters in an election year. But NumbersUSA says enacting the bill — which cleared a key committee in September but has since stalled — would help clear out unauthorized workers and open those jobs for Americans.

TV ad from Numbers USA

“Our gloves are off,” said Roy Beck, executive director of the group, who noted that his organization has pushed for action behind the scenes without success.
He said the group is now ready to take the issue public with radio and television ads designed to force the GOP to choose between politics and American workers.
“At some point, you just have to bring this stuff out into public. We’ve given the leadership all kinds of time, all kinds of excuses, but it’s been six months,” Mr. Beck said.

Radio ad for Numbers USA

(Washington Times)

FACT  -  80% of Republicans are RINOs.
There is a reason why the Federal Budget has not been cut by even one penny while the Republicans controlled Congress.  Simply, almost all Republicans are RINOs (Republicans in name only).  True small government Conservatives have not existed in any real numbers in the GOP since the 1920s.

Since Theodore Roosevelt, Socialism and Marxism have won the war of ideas.  Republicans eagerly vote to fund and protect every possible Big Government wealth re-distribution program passed since 1900 in a quest to buy votes every two years.

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