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Thursday, March 1, 2012

NATO expands into Muslim Azerbaijan? Will Americans die?

NATO Oil Politics in Muslim Azerbaijan.
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO has been expanding farther and farther to the east.  Twelve new member nations have joined the alliance in Eastern Europe.  Now NATO is pushing into the Caspian Sea. 

Will the U.S. military be sucked into conflicts with Russia, Iran and other nations because of NATO?

  •  When Congress approved the NATO Treaty they never thought it might be expanded into places like Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.
  • Will American soldiers die for NATO in some future conflict to protect oil fields on the Caspian Sea?     

By Gary;

NATO was created in 1949 as an alliance of Western European nations, the U.S. and Canada to act as a block to the expansion of the Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union is gone.  But NATO is still here and expanding ever eastwards.  Now NATO is pushing into central Asia Caspian Sea region bordering right on Iran and Russia.
George Washington warned
us about foreign entanglements.

On April 9, a high-ranking NATO delegation will visit Muslim Azerbaijan in order to begin negotiations on granting the country an "Individual Partnership Action Plan" . . . . . whatever the Hell that means, but I suspect it means whatever NATO wants it to mean at any given point in time.
The meeting will discuss Azeri politics, security, defense, scientific capability, and environment problems.
So far, Azerbaijan has been moving very cautiously towards NATO, out of consideration for its neighbor, Iran.  However, the tense political situation in the region has prompted Baku to seek a new policy direction. 
Azeri analysts believe that NATO will be welcoming of their country, as it could help further separate Tehran and Moscow, it could secure an otherwise “risky” country like Azerbaijan, and it may provide access to Azeri energy resources.     (Infowars.com)

NATO in Oil Politics

Oil production in Azerbaijan increased from 288,000 barrels per day in 2000 to 1,100,000 barrels per day in 2010.

The oil fields cover 167 square miles and are located 62 miles east of Baku in the Caspian Sea.  The fields have an estimated 5 bullion barrels of reserves and are operated by British Petroleum.   (U.S. Energy Information Agency)

Everyone is looking at Azerbaijan these days.

  • A delegation of Pakistani Senators just met with Azerbaijan officials.  They expressed support for Azerbaijan against Christian Armenia . . . . and by the way, we really like your oil too.  
  • Israel just cut a deal to sell $1.6 Billion in military equipment to Muslim Azerbaijan.  Iran is angry (what is new?) and says Azerbaijan is hosting Jewish spies.  Hell, it might even be true!   (China Daily)
  • Russia is totally in bed with Azerbaijan and their oil industry.   (Reuters)

The Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia is a clusterfuck nightmare of tribes, cultures and religions.  And there is the United States and NATO eagerly pushing their way in.

The Constitution  -  Do the people of the United States even have a voice anymore?  The U.S. fights wars all over the world because our elected Monarch says we have to.  No constitutionally required vote for a Declaration of War is ever held, but American troops are still sent to die.

The U.S. Senate did approve the NATO Treaty some 60 years ago, but the membership and military goals of NATO are changing.  U.S. tax money and troops are on the hook for a huge NATO expansion that was never approved by the Senate.

As usual, there is bi-partisan silence on the subject.  What the American people don't know won't hurt them.  Well, now you know.

Azerbaijan  -  No respect for Property Rights

Muslim troops from Azerbaijan.

NATO and the U.S. in a tribal nightmare.
As the United States and NATO thrust deeper into the Caucasus Mountains it appears little thought is being given to the extreme tribal nature of the area.  Long a crossroads of Empires, the Caucasus is littered with different ethnic and religious groups who mostly dislike each other.

There is Islamic extremism and bombing in Russia's Dagastan, a recent Russian invasion of Georgia and the six year long Nagorno-Karakh War between Christian Armenia and Muslim Azerbaijan that resulted in over 120,000 casualties.   

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