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Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama: Algae mining to start soon

An Obama Wet-Dream Come True  -  Massive Algae Fields Found in Antarctica

  • Will Saudi Arabia join in the algae energy rush?
  • Environmentalists form "Save the Algae" groups.
  • But is there enough algae to supplement our overworked Soylent Green factories?
  • Major powers threaten war for control of algae fields. 

A field of vivid green algae so large it can be seen from space is floating in waters off Antarctica, causing a feeding frenzy.

Images of the bloom, estimated to be around 200 kilometers wide and 100 kilometers long, were captured by Australian scientists monitoring a satellite 650 kilometers above the Earth.
Scientist from the Australian Antarctic Division say they are still not sure exactly what caused the bloom but they predict it will be causing a stir among the local wildlife reports ABC News.
Research scientist Mark Curran says much of the food chain will be benefiting from the algae.

The algae has been floating around for the past 20 days and was visible from space. 
The bloom is a natural event and unlikely to negatively impact the environment.

(ABC News)

The algae protests have already begun. 

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