"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What is wrong with Assassinations?

It is time to play hardball.
The U.S. needs to legally set up an assassination squad.  In an age of terrorism
someone has to take out the trash.

"Human nature doesn't change Nikita. The Dark Ages were a thousand years of chaos, war, famine and disease; you think that won't happen again because we have computers, and jet planes and cellular phones? Think again."  - - - Operations (La Femme Nikita)

By Gary;
We are entering a Brave New World of standard, nuclear and biological terrorism.  There are no Marquess of Queensbury rules.  A tiny group of four monsters in a dirty laboratory basement can cook up a brand new Black Death to unleash on the world.  Billions could die.

The administration of Comrade Obama understands this.  I have to give credit to Obama for using drones to take out the terrorist trash of the world.  A dead terrorist is a good terrorist.

The main problem with Obama is he and his lackeys cannot stop themselves from parading what they are doing in front of the press in the endless pandering for votes.  They need to shut the Hell up.  When a building explodes somewhere in Africa the government should neither confirm nor deny our involvement.  That is what Israel does when Iranian nuclear scientists somehow "accidentally" die by car bombs.
License to Kill
Hollywood has given us the guidelines on
how to remove "troublemakers".  Israel is
doing it today as Iranian nuclear scientists
die in mysterious car bombings.  

The Constitution  -  Obama Administration has said that the government has "clear authority" to kill its citizens abroad who are believed to be holding a terrorist threat.  Sorry, under our Constitution that is totally wrong.

To make things legal simply have Congress pass a vague  Declaration of War against assorted foreign terrorist groups.  We could publicly claim that we will not target Americans.  But you know how it is.  Sometimes on the legal overseas battlefield of war an American terrorist might be in the wrong place at the wrong time and die.  
A pity.  Shit happens.  I will not lose any sleep.  

"Given the nature of how terrorists act and where they tend to hide, it may not always be feasible to capture a US citizen terrorist who presents an imminent threat of violent attack,"  Comrade Attorney General Eric Holder said.  
Holder is correct here.  Action must be taken.
Call it Section One:    Hollywood has been far ahead of the curve on how to deal with insane monsters who are almost beyond the law.
The British Secret Service gave us James Bond with a "License to Kill".  Section One was the assassination organization in La Femme Nikita.    
With modern technology being what it is, the time is now to set up our own ultra-covert Section One.  The trash needs to be taken out.  No publicity for self-serving political hacks please.  Just a body here, the bodies of four killers there etc.
This is not a game.  The West needs to play hardball.  If we don't then some 747 is going to land in New York or London with a nuclear bomb in the luggage compartment.
This is about survival.  
(Times of India)

"Point of no Return" trailer  
American feature length version of the French film "La Femme Nikita"

La Femme Nikita  -  USA Network

From La Femme Nikita:

Operations:   You of all people aren't going to warn me against playing God?

Madeline:   No. Provided we do a decent job of it. God doesn't make clumsy mistakes.

Operations:   Nonsense. Scientists say 90% of the species ever created on this planet are now extinct. That's a ten percent success rate. Ours are much higher than that. End of discussion.

John Travolta and Halle Berry in Swordfish.

From Swordfish  -  On fighting terrorism with terrorism.

Stanley:   How can you justify all this?
Gabriel:   You're not looking at the big picture Stan. Here's a scenario. You have the power to cure all the world's diseases but the price for this is that you must kill a single innocent child, could you kill that child Stanley?

Stanley:   No.

Gabriel:   You disappoint me, it's the greatest good.

Stanley:   Well how about 10 innocents?

Gabriel:   Now you're gettin' it, how about a hundred - how about a THOUSAND? Not to save the world but to preserve our way of life.

Stanley:   No man has the right to make that decision; you're no different from any other terrorist.

Gabriel:   No, you're wrong Stanley. Thousands die every day for no reason at all, where's your bleeding heart for them? You give your twenty dollars to Greenpeace every year thinking you're changing the world? What countries will harbor terrorists when they realize the consequences of what I'll do? Did you know that I can buy nuclear warheads in Minsk for forty million each? Hell, I'd buy half a dozen and even get a discount!

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