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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Over 5,000 attend Illinois Ron Paul Event

Huge Ron Paul rally at the University of  Illinois

Paul campaign forced to move event to arena as thousands turn up; rivals draw crowds of less than 100

  • Supporters who boisterously chanted “President Paul” over and over.
  • The three other Big Government Republicans offer nothing new. 

The Socialist Big Government media tells you that Ron Paul is a "crazy" fringe person.  That you should be placed in a padded cell for even daring to consider having a limited Constitutional government.

It is encouraging to see thousands of people able to think for themselves, attend a Paul rally and effectively tell the Media Complex to screw themselves.
GOP presidential contender Ron Paul continues to draw massive crowds as he campaigns across the country. Wednesday saw almost five thousand people turn out in Illinois to see the Congressman, while his rivals can only draw crowds in and below the hundreds.
Paul’s supporters will once again be asking serious questions as to where his rivals are getting their votes from, as another raucous mass of humanity provided the Congressman with a rock star welcome reports Infowars.

The original venue of Foellinger Auditorium, around a 1500 capacity building at The University of Illinois, had to be switched to George Huff Hall, a gymnastics and volleyball arena, following a deluge of early RSVPs.

Over 5,000 attend Ron Paul rally at the University of Illinois

As he introduced Paul, Illinois Republican Rep. Tim Johnson told the crowd that they were part of the single biggest turnout of Paul’s 2012 campaign to date.
Temperatures reached 80 degrees outside, yet the un-air conditioned Huff Hall was bursting with supporters who boisterously chanted “President Paul” over and over.

Paul spoke for around 45 minutes on a host of issues including The Federal Reserve, the IRS, The Patriot Act, and even the issue of students being able to choose their own mascots.
“The Patriot Act never would have been passed,” Paul urged, “if it had been called ‘Repeal the Fourth Amendment’!”
The Congressman also told the huge crowd that since the current administration passed laws by executive orders, a “constitutional president can use an executive order to repeal those laws.”


Knowing that Paul cannot win the GOP nomination, over 5,000 people turned out to listen to the small government ideas of libertarianism.  

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