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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama's Swimming Pool Nazis

A $50,000 fine if you fail to obey the Fuhrer's rules on swimming pools

Always obey your Führer.

Using the un-Constitutional American Disabilities Act, the centralized Big Government state continues to dictated to every community and business how to run their affairs.

And the Sheeple and their hack politicians just roll over and allow it to happen.

Now Der Fuhrer dictates to businesses what type of swimming pool and equipment they are allowed to own.

March 15, all hotels with pools and spas will be required to install fixed lifts that must be in place as long as the facilities are open to guests. The approaching deadline has the hotel industry in a quandary, as industry lobbyists press the federal government to give them more time to meet guidelines that they insist have been unclear and in some cases financially onerous.

The lifts themselves typically cost $3,000 and up, plus the cost of installation, which in some cases requires boring into pool decks and electrically grounding the devices. And for properties with multiple pools and hot tubs, a lift is needed for each one. Portable devices that can be moved around are not permitted unless they can be retrofitted so they are bolted to the pool deck reports and San Diego Union.
The requirement is among a set of new regulations approved in 2010 under the Americans with Disabilities Act that affect most public places, such as banks, stores, movie theaters, state and local government entities, public swimming pools and hotels. Within the hospitality industry, the pool lift regulation has attracted the most attention.
Rather than risk not meeting the deadline, San Diego hotel owner Robert Rauch said he’s spending close to $9,000 to purchase and install permanent lifts at his Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites by Hilton, even though he purchased a portable device seven years ago.
“We had (a portable lift) and we’ve never been asked to deploy it in seven years, and I don’t believe we’ll ever be asked to deploy it now,” Rauch said. “I think it’s an inappropriate law, but we’ll follow it to the letter.”

Don't let the Republicans off the hook  -   This insane legislation, like so many others, was signed into law by a Republican President.  Remember too, that all these Big Brother agencies were fully funded by the Republican Party when they controlled Congress for 12 years.  The GOP controlled House currently does jack shit to abolish even one Big Government program, and Republicans continue to vote funding.

While Der Fuhrer in the White House is insane, the crazy hack politicians in both parties eagerly join together to protect and expand a centralized state.   
(San Diego Union-Tribune)

A $50,000 fine unless your pool is Federal Government Approved.
The Ocean Park Inn in Pacific Beach has a portable pool lift for the disabled, but
new federal regulations require a permanently attached device.

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