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Friday, March 16, 2012

Why are we in Afghanistan?

Our Mission  -  To protect Americans from people living in mud huts.
An Afghan soldier leaves a home where witnesses say Afghans were killed by a U.S. soldier in Panjwayi district of Kandahar province. 

Afghanistan  -  The gift that just keeps giving

By Gary;

More random thoughts about the crap-hole that is Afghanistan. . . . . like, just what the Hell are we doing over there?

The Mud Hut   -  The argument has lamely been made that we need to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here.  To that I give you the Mud Hut above.  First, Afghanistan has never attacked us.  We attacked them.  Second, I am not frightened of a people living in mud huts, in near stone age poverty,  using 6th century technology.

The War   -  The war has been bungled.  It started off right with a small American force backed by air power driving out the Taliban.  Then it morphed into a mini-Vietnam with an army of occupation that was far, far too small to ever effectively occupy Afghanistan, but just large enough to be targets for the Taliban.

Question, just how long does it take to "train" the Afghan army?  We have been "training" them for 10 years.

The Drug War   -   The DEA and other anti-drug units are roaming Afghanistan in a PR stunt for the people back home.  But this Blog reported the truth in our article,  "What Drug War? NATO increased Afghanistan opium production."

Disarm our Troops   -   Now our troops are being disarmed in front of the Secretary of Defense in some liberal wet-dream of political correctness and fairness.  We don't want to hurt the feelings of our Afghan allies.

It is long past time to draw down our military to the Kabul area in a small support role.  Afghans must police Afghanistan.  We cannot be the policeman of the world.

This earth has been a nightmare of war and murder for thousands of years.  But somehow both the Beltway Elite and many average Americans are under the impression the U.S. can snap its fingers and all the warring factions of the world will lay down their arms and live is peace.

The war drums just took us to Libya.  Now they are beating for action in Syria and Iran.

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