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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time to Abolish the Primary System

It is time to end the failed primary system.  This dirty secret of politics is
the least informed voter selects the winner.

The system of Presidential primaries has failed America

  • Billionaire special interests now purchase their very own candidates.
  • The "winners" are often selected by uninformed voters based on the last 30 second TV ad they watched between episodes of Hillbilly Handfishin' and the Kardashians. 

By Gary;

The insane American primary system for President was not created by the Founding Fathers.  It is a creation of the early 20th Century Progressive Movement.

The system of the direct primary (not the caucus) has allowed billionaire special interest groups to purchase their very own candidates for President, Senator and the House.  The case of Newt Gingrich is an example.  A single Las Vegas billionaire casino owner bankrolls a candidate who has near zero support around the nation.

The U.S. is virtually the only democracy on earth that allows non-party members and the uninformed general public to select the party candidates for the general election.  Almost everywhere party meetings or conventions select the candidate for office.
The ultra-expensive primary system
 means candidates are bought and
paid for by special interest money. 

The Caucus  -  Not the Primary

The Progressives never expected the birth of ultra-expensive television and direct mail advertising.  To win a primary for President, Senator or Congress requires an endless flow of corrupt cash from special interest Billionaire Cartels of labor unions, multi-national corporations and now individual billionaires.

Millions of special interest dollars are now being spent on local races for the House.  The "winners" no longer represent the voters.  They represent the unions and multi-corporations that finance them.

To take back our Federal government from the special interests you need to start with the candidate selection at the party level.  General voter style primaries that are driven by corrupt special interest TV ads must be ended.  The vote of the drooling and uninformed mouth breathers who react only to the latest TV ads for Viagra, soap or candidates must be minimized.

The state parties need to adopt the caucus system to select their candidates for Congress, Senate and President.  People who give up two to four hours of their lives to attend a caucus are better informed and care about their party and the nation.

The caucus will bring a degree of sanity back into Federal politics.  No longer could Beltway incumbents bully the voters back home by stockpiling millions in corrupt campaign cash to prevent a challenge.  It is far easier for challengers to unseat incumbents when they only have to campaign to a small caucus of party faithful.

Adopt the Caucus.  Put fear into the hearts of incumbents and bring some sanity back into politics.

The primary system is broken.  The party destroys itself in the eyes of the public.

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