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Friday, March 2, 2012

Hot Sweaty Democrat Sex

Sex on Youtube  -  Doing what it takes to give voters a happy ending.
Hot and perky Socialist Democrat Supervisor Nadia Lockyer (age 40) and her frumpy dumpy husband Socialist Democrat California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer (age 70).  But voters everywhere are asking:  "Are they real?"

Sex Tapes  -  Democrat caught in the act of aggressively polling her constituents

  • State Treasurer watched a sex tape of his wife going at it with a "friend" from rehab.
  • A 2:40 AM call to 911 from a motel room that her boyfriend has attacked her.
  • She had her 8-year-old son with her in the motel room.
  • Lockyer spent $1.5 millions to finance his new wife's campaign against his ex-girlfriend.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that bloated Democrat hack California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer was given a sex tape of his hot young County Supervisor wife going at it with her lover that she had met in drug rehab. 
Shit!  Who says politics is dull?
The Treasurer, thinking he was being blackmailed, called the Alameda district attorney to get his wife a stay-away order imposed against the man, identified by the Chronicle as 35-year-old Stephen Chikhani, a construction worker from San Jose.

Chikhani met Lockyer in 2010, when they were both in rehab - he for meth and she for alcohol. The two had an off-and-on affair that became public after she called police to the Homewood Suites in Newark early Feb. 3 to report that he had assaulted her.  Chikhani has a long history of methamphetamine arrests.

On Feb. 3, Lockyer's world came crashing down around her in a Newark motel. At 2:40 a.m., she called 911 to report that she had been attacked by an alleged "ex-boyfriend," causing head and neck injuries that required medical treatment. She had her 8-year-old son with her in the motel room reports the Contra Costa Times.

The Lockyers went into damage control mode. Nadia Lockyer, 40, issued a statement saying that she had entered rehab. Her 70-year-old husband claimed that his wife had gone to the motel to comfort an ex-boyfriend who was suicidal and had a long criminal record. "Her only fault is having one too many drinks," he said.
The news report also said that after Bill Lockyer watched the sex tape and read a string of text messages between his wife and the other man.  There were reports that the sex tape was briefly posted on Youtube before being taken down.
Democrat State Senator Liz
Figueroa.  Lockyer and Figueroa
were reported to be "an item."

Financing his hot new wife's campaign against his ex-girlfriend.

A fun side story to this sick news.
It appears the 70 year old Lockyer was so taken with his young bride that he pumped in $1.5 million of his own campaign cash into her race for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in the November 2010 election.  That allowed her to carry out an aggressive advertising campaign.
Best of all, Lockyer's new wife was running against his ex-girlfriend for the job.  Love it!  Spending ton of corrupt special interest campaign money to defeat his ex-girlfriend.  

When then State Senator Bill Lockyer and Liz Figueroa served together as Alameda County's state senators in the 1990s, they were also, as the gossip columnists like to say, "an item" reports the  Sacramento Bee.
Lockyer went on to become State Treasurer and got married to Nadia.  The race for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors became a nasty personal duel.

Sexual politics.  Now that is entertainment.
(CBS News 13)
(UK Daily Mail)

Sex and politics goes back to the founding of the Republic.  
The Federalists attacked Thomas Jefferson for having sex with his slaves.  The Jeffersonian Democrats called the Federalists liars.  But with DNA it comes out that Jefferson did father children by his slave Sally Hemings.  The political sex scandals keep coming. 

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