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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Friday, March 23, 2012

A $30,000 Pay Raise! - Your tax dollars at work.

Theft is Legal in The United States.
If you are a local thug and stick a gun in a taxpayer's face demanding money you go to jail.  But if you are politically well connected Socialists you can use the guns of the police to steal that same taxpayer's money to line your wallet.

The Rape of the Taxpayer  -  California State University Fullerton President Mildred Garcia:

  • California is bankrupt, but she gets a huge 10% pay increase to $324,500.
  • Plus a $12,000 "car allowance".
  • Plus a $60,000 "Housing Allowance". 

The Marxists in the People's Republic of California are demanding endless new taxes on both the producers of society and the general population.  Comrade Governor Jerry Brown is working to jack up taxes of every kind on the November ballot so he can buy votes for his corrupt Socialist Democrat Party.

In the meantime, Brown's Socialist Democrat Party is destroying California's higher education system with huge tuition increases while lining the pockets of administrators and union members with endless tax money.
In an act of insane spending in an insane state, the Cal State University Trustees approved a base salary of $303,660 for CSU East Bay President Leroy Morishita and $324,500 for CSU Fullerton President Mildred Garcia, as well as $12,000 car allowances and $60,000 housing allowances for each.

Ten percent is the maximum raise allowed under a policy approved by the board in January amid a firestorm of criticism over executive pay raises while tuition is being hiked and enrollment slashed reports the Associated Press. 

The moves come amid a $750 million funding cut for the next academic year. Administrators are looking at eliminating athletics programs, limiting student loans and library acquisitions, deferring maintenance projects, as well as continuing a hiring freeze and streamlining operations, said Executive Vice Chancellor Benjamin Quillian. 
The spring 2013 enrollment freeze would exempt a handful of campuses that will admit several hundred community college transfers. About 70,000 students apply for spring admission. 
Assistant Vice Chancellor Robert Turnage tried to frighten the public by warning that of another $200 million cut if voters reject the November referendum on tax increases. CSU plans to hold off on admitting students for fall 2013 until after the election. If the tax measures fail, fall enrollment would be cut another 20,000 students and 3,000 employees laid off.
Not one word comes out of the mouths of administrators about the looting of the treasury by every group from illegal aliens to unions to corporations.
Accepted applicants for fall 2013 admission will be wait-listed and notified that it is due to funding. The system enrolls about 417,000 students.
(San Jose Mercury News)

The Looting of the Treasury  -  The Marxists in government demand more and more taxes on the producers so the wealth can be re-distributed to their buddies and cronies.  Government workers are retiring with staggering pensions that only a few years ago were only a Socialist's wet-dream.

The problem is not the tax money coming in.  The problem is the money is being sucked away and looted by every possible group from illegal aliens to government workers to corporations.  Plus in the Marxist Cradle to Grave Welfare State millions of people fully expect and demand "free" housing, "free" groceries and "free" medical care.  Working for a living is not an option.

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