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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Left-Wing Cult of Hate

Now Left-Wing loons are attacking St. Patrick's Day.

Left-Wing Hate of our Culture 

By Gary;
Leftists attack the heart of our culture.  Merry Christmas is gone and replaced by the non-offending Happy Holidays.  Easter break from school becomes "Spring Break."   Celebrating George Washington's birthday becomes a non-offensive and meaningless "President's Day."
Now that seething and deep left-wing hatred of Western Culture attacks St. Patrick's Day.
A Massachusetts school principal is renaming "St. Patrick's Day" with "O'Green Day" in an effort to be "inclusive and diverse," while some parents are blasting the decision as "stupid" and illogical reports Fox News.
Lisa Curtin, principal of the Soule Road School in Wilbraham, Mass., decided to change the name to ease discomfort that some students might have in celebrating St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's Day -- which last month was renamed to "Caring and Kindness Day," according to parents with children in the school.

Britain’s first Sharia-law zone.   Under these brutal rules, there would be a ban on alcohol, gambling, drugs, music, smoking and homosexuality, as well as on men and women mixing in public.  In an act of self-loathing, the British are rolling over, playing dead and allowing the extermination of their culture through immigration.

ISLAM:   Leftist hate is only directed at Judaism and Christianity.  You never see leftists demand that Ramadan be re-named "Revelations to Humankind Month."
Leftist thinking insists Western Culture is evil and unfair.  To solve the "problem" of unfairness the political elites in Europe and America insist on the massive importation of foreigners, many of whom have little to no interest in assimilating. 
In many sections of European cities Christians, Jews and secular atheists are simply not welcome.  

Muslim Immigration Destroying Sweden

Be it Berlin, Los Angeles, Athens or Paris, many immigrants have no interest in learning the local language, let alone blending in.  

As more and more immigrants are imported by the ruling elites they become the local majority.  Through intimidation, language and often religion the previous native class is forced to move on.

Left-Wing thinkers have wet-dreams of joy that there is "diversity" in the evil home country.  Personally I lump 75% of what are called Conservatives into Left-Wingers.  Modern Conservatives are moderate Socialists.  They join hand-in-hand with the ultra-left to import more and more immigrants.

In the U.S. Presidential debates Republican candidates fall all over themselves to praise the endless "legal" importation of millions of new foreigners. . . . . never mind impact on our culture and that there are not enough jobs for native born Americans.  

Leftist American Democrats are even worse, and simply want wide open borders and an end to the United States as we know it. 

No-Go areas in Berlin for non-Muslims

In a sick Leftist wet-dream more and more Muslims are imported into the West out of "Fairness".  Leftists want to replace the evil Western culture with politically correct cultures from around the world.

The Left-Wing and the Cult of Death

In their hatred of their own culture, Western Leftists are obsessed with preventing births and killing off the old. 
Leftists in the Netherlands have set up  mobile euthanasia units to travel around the country.  The teams are made up of specially trained doctors and nurses.
Sick people or their relatives can submit their applications via email. 
But the ending of a life that is no longer "useful" to the State is of little importance compared to the extermination of life before it even starts.  The Left in China, the U.S. or Europe can't wait to fund programs (with other people's money) to abort babies or to prevent their conception.
Connect the Dots   -   Connect the dots of Leftist thinking.  Leftists eagerly want to import countless millions of foreigners while at the same time they work to exterminate the existing native population through abortion and birth control.
This ties properly together with the self-loathing hate the Left has for their own nations and culture.  Abortion and immigration are really one plan.

Leftists are obsessed with the government controlled and funded prevention of life
and the orderly ending of life by the State

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