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Monday, October 24, 2016

Pat Caddell - 'Something is wrong with the polls'

The Corrupt Media Machine uses polls to suppress the Trump vote

(Western Journalism)  -  A lot of polls are going to be wrong come Election Day, according to pollster and analyst Pat Caddell who said Friday that America should be ready for a “shock.”

“Something is going on in this country in these polls,” Caddell said, assessing the differences among polls that show Trump with a narrow lead, Clinton with a narrow lead, or Clinton with a large lead. The most recent polls put Trump in the lead.

“All of the tracking polls keep holding at Trump being ahead,” he continued. “And then all of these other polls that are one-off polls, or whatever.”

Caddell said with so many polls, it was hard to know which were reliable.

“I don’t know how they’re doing some of these university polls. You just put the name of some university and apparently it becomes credible, whether they know what they’re doing, or not.”

“But in any event, polling is all over the place. Something isn’t adding up,” said Caddell.

To him, that means there is a trend going on that has not been fully captured in the polls.

“Something is going to happen here, I just sense it,” he said.

That something, he said, could be from Trump, who on Friday in North Carolina promised “Brexit times five.”

Caddell is not alone. Veteran pollster John Zogby noted the immense strength of Trump’s support.

“I’ve been doing this a long, long time and these races go up and down and up and down,” Zogby said. “We still have 18 days to go, that means 18, maybe 36 news cycles as well.”

Zogby noted the depth of support for Trump.

“You see still a very passionate Donald Trump support. I see three credible polls that are out there that show Donald Trump getting 85, 89 percent of Republican support, winning among whites, winning by double digits among men, leading in two of those polls tied in another,” Zogby said.

“For the umpteenth time, it’s way too early and we don’t know who’s going to vote,” he insisted.

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You are so screwed
Both the GOP and Democrats are falling all over themselves to export American middle class jobs while importing millions of new workers to drive down wages for their Masters on Wall Street.
So-called "Conservatives" and GOP officials scream that Trump is no Republican and no Conservative.  To that I say "Thank God." I am tired of the open borders GOP screwing over the average worker.

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