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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bush Dynasty leaked the Trump tape

Assholes of a feather fuck us together

  • The open borders Bush Dynasty released the Trump tape says Conservative talk show host Dr. Michael Savage.
  • Now NBC has "suspended" Bush Dynasty member Billy Bush for his role in releasing the tape.
  • The asshole "W" managed to drive me out of the GOP with his idiotic wars, massive big government spending and debt. It is obvious the Bush Dynasty has a lot more in common with the Clinton Dynasty.

(BBC)  -  US TV host Billy Bush has been suspended from NBC's Today show after a video tape emerged in which he and Donald Trump made lewd comments.
Today executive Noah Oppenheim wrote in a memo to the morning show's staff that there is "simply no excuse for Billy's language and behaviour on that tape".
Mr Bush has said he was "embarrassed and ashamed" at the remarks.
US presidential candidate Mr Trump has also apologised for the obscene comments made in the 2005 tape.
In the video, Mr Trump was on a bus talking to Mr Bush - then host of NBC's Access Hollywood - ahead of a segment they were about to record.
Mr Bush tells Mr Trump at one point "the Donald has scored" and also comments on a woman's "good legs".

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