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Friday, October 14, 2016

GOP silent (as usual) while King Obama wages wars

King Obama's Unconstitutional Wars

  • Democrats and Republicans have joined arm-in-arm to support King Obama's unconstitutional wars and arms shipments in Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Iraq.

King Obama has taken sides in Yemen's civil war and has bombed the country for years on end. But when the Yemeni rebels dare to fire back we spin our air strikes as "defensive" in nature. Pure 100% propaganda bullshit.

(The Guardian)  The Pentagon announced late on Wednesday that it struck and destroyed three radar sites controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthi movement in Yemen. The sites were described as being involved in two missile attacks over the past four days on the destroyer USS Mason, operating out of the Bab al-Mandeb waterway between Yemen and east Africa.

US officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said US Navy destroyer USS Nitze launched the Tomahawk cruise missiles around 4am local time (0100 GMT).

These limited self-defense strikes were conducted to protect our personnel, our ships, and our freedom of navigation,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said.

A Houthi military official denied the fighters had fired at US vessels. “Those claims are baseless,” the official said, according to rebel-controlled Saba news agency.

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Yemen War Houthi infantry in close 
combat with Saudi tanks

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