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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Minneapolis Subsidizes Muslim Vacations to Africa

Who wants to vacation in 
a hot bed of terrorism?

  • Somali immigrants on welfare somehow have extra cash to take "vacations" to a nation overrun by Islamist terrorists. Pardon me if this does not pass my smell test.

(Breitbart)  -  “Public housing residents in Minneapolis will no longer need to pay their normal monthly rent when travel abroad erases their income, a change particularly sought by East African immigrants,” the Star Tribune reports:

The board of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority approved this week reverting to its previous policy of collecting only minimal rent during extended absences. The change takes effect once approved by federal housing officials, which is expected by year’s end.
Abdi Warsame, a City Council member, told the board that the policy in place for the past five years works a particular hardship on elderly East Africans who must save for long periods if they want to visit their homelands. He said that many receive federal Supplemental Security Income, which is halted when the recipient is outside the United States.
Yet the policy required people to keep paying rent, which is income-based. Travelers gone for 30 to 90 days could apply for a hardship, which meant that they paid the minimum $75 monthly rent during their absence, but were required to make up the difference between that and their normal rent over the next year or two.
The change will mean that residents will pay only the $75 minimum per month, assuming they apply for the hardship status.
A number of Somali refugees living in Minneapolis Public Housing Authority apartments paid for by the taxpayers apparently take such extended overseas trips regularly.
“From 50 to 75 public housing residents report such absences annually, according to Mary Boler, an agency manager. She said the cost of the change will be less than $50,000. The agency found that the paperwork burden of tracking repayment was higher than anticipated,” the Star Tribune notes.
According to his website, City Council member Abdi Wasame “is a Somali-American and a practicing Muslim.”

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Vacation in Somalia
Come for the clean air and beautiful beaches. Stay for the friendly local population and good times.

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