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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

“Unborn Lives Matter” Determined to Be Bigotry

(Moonbattery)  -  If you looked at the graphic above, you are obligated to rinse with eye bleach immediately. It is a thoughtcrime, according to the Pashas of Political Correctness who dictate the parameters of permissible thought from their positions in academia. 
Their righteous fist has come down upon the DePaul College Republicans in Chicago for distributing the image on promotional flyers:
According to University President Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, the club was forbidden from using the flyers because they were “bigotry…under the cover of free speech,” meant to “provoke” members of the Black Lives Matter movement.
That is to say, the flyers were considered to blaspheme against the holy (to moonbats) ultra-left BLM movement.
DePaul College Republicans Vice President John Minster told Campus Reform that his group wanted to use the “Unborn Lives Matter” flyers to draw members to their club meetings, but had to submit the design to the Office of Student Involvement for approval. …
Holtschneider not only declined to approve the flyers, but sent a letter to the entire university body explaining that the pro-life posters constituted “bigotry” and were not considered free speech.
At last someone is learning something. Today’s lesson: the word “bigotry” is a cudgel used for silencing dissident points of view.
Incredibly, Doltschneider denounced the pro-life flyers for being “inconsistent with Catholic values.”
Again we see that supposedly Catholic institutions of higher learning couldn’t be much less Catholic if they officially dedicated themselves to the Devil.
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