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Friday, October 21, 2016

"Culturally Insensitive" Halloween Costume Hotline Clogged by Pranksters

Leftists are Frightened of Freedom

  • Everything everyone does offends every group in the world. Insane Big Brother Leftists want us to curl up in a fetal position in our mother's basement to avoid hurting the "feelings" of others.

(Campus Reform)  -  A hotline for University of Florida students to report culturally insensitive Halloween costumes has backfired after a Fox Sports commentator instigated a series of prank calls to the number.
UF sent a newsletter to students on October 10 encouraging them to avoid Halloween costumes that could “perpetuate negative stereotypes” or cause “harm and offense” to other students, and urging anyone offended by such costumes to call a 24/7 counseling and wellness hotline.

The hotline quickly turned into a running joke, however, after Fox Sports commentator Clay Travis prank called the line during one of his live shows, pretending to be a gay student offended by a Harambe costume.
“I went to a fraternity party last night and there was somebody dressed as Harambe, the gorilla, and I found it to be really racially insensitive,” Travis said on the call. “It’s really disappointing that the University of Florida is not taking my microaggressions seriously because, I mean, I’m really upset about this costume that I saw.”
The Alligator reports that Travis’ call inspired his listeners to prank the hotline as well, leading to more than 40 false reports that taxed the hotline’s resources. Travis said he first learned of the hotline from a reader and wanted to use the prank phone call to satirize overly-sensitive college students before giving the hotline’s number out to his listeners.
“It drives me crazy how much of wusses these college kids are these days with their microaggressions and their trigger warnings and their safe spaces,” Travis explained during his radio show.
Everything about Halloween is politically
incorrect to pussy, limp-wristed Leftists.

Thank God!
Body paint meets Halloween costumes.
Strangely I am not offended on any level.

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