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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Limbaugh: The GOP does not want to win

Rush is Finally on Board

  • The hard truth is the GOP and Dems are both bought and paid for by billions in corrupt campaign cash given by open borders Wall Street multi-national corporations. Your vote has no meaning.

(World Net Daily)  -  Rush Limbaugh, the voice of conservative America, is issuing a scathing indictment of the Republican Party, saying the GOP has no interest in winning this election or defeating Democrats.
“The Republican Party is not interested in winning. It clearly is not interested in winning,” Limbaugh said Tuesday on his national broadcast. “And if you want to be even more specific than that, it is paramountly obvious that they’re not even interested in defeating the Democrats.”
“It’s just mind-boggling,” he added. “All of these years I’ve been doing this program I was under the impression the Republican Party wanted to beat Democrats. And as the years have gone by, it’s become obvious to me that that’s not their No. 1 objective.”
Limbaugh said Republicans in power who wish to defeat Democrats are a minority, as well as Republicans who seek to win the presidency this year.
“Stop and think of that! It’s mind-boggling when you look at it just that way,” Limbaugh exclaimed.
“And now we have Republicans – to one degree or another – working as hard as the Democrats are to defeat Donald Trump. Look, I know the drill. They say he’s not a Republican. They say he’s a Trojan horse or he’s unacceptable or he’s uncouth or whatever they say.
“But the American people – Republican voters especially – are fed up with the status quo.  We can’t stand any more! We don’t want any more of what we’ve had to put up with for eight years and many years prior. The country we know and love is being torn apart and rebuilt in ways that we don’t want, and the Republican Party doesn’t even seem to care about that. The Republican Party seems just as eager as the Democrats to pronounce their voters as extreme kooks.”
The radio host said there is a serious disconnect between party officials and American voters, explaining:
“They’re ignoring their own voters. Trump is winning not ’cause of talk radio, not because of this or that. Trump is winning because people that vote Republican have been let down and disappointed one too many times . . . . "
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Pat Caddell:
'The GOP Wants the IRS to Go After' the Tea Party

"The establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties," Caddell told Fox News on Sunday reports Breitbart News.

"When you have 71 percent who want an investigation, 64 percent who believe that it is a sign of corruption including nearly a majority of Democrats," Caddell said, "the reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties. Got it?"
Caddell said the GOP establishment is happy to have the IRS take the Tea Party down a notch.

"Because the Tea Parties are an outside threat to their power hold and I'm telling you  the lobbying consulting class of the Republican party and Republican leadership who have been attacking the Tea Parties, and alienating them, they want the IRS to do this," he said.



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