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Monday, October 10, 2016

Pentagon: "We can fight Russia and China"

"In peace, sons bury their fathers. 
In war, fathers bury their sons." 
484 - 425 BC

  • The generals and politicians are always looking for new and better ways to kill millions of people in wars that usually have no real meaning. . . . no meaning except to coffin makers and the Military-Industrial Complex.
  • The futility of war can be seen in the moronic Afghan War that never, ever ends. Or the endless other Middle Eastern wars in Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Iraq that we have supported.
  • In this case it is an act of insanity to even think about war with nuclear powers like China and Russia. . . . by insanity is the middle name of generals and politicians.

From Business Insider

Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson . . . 

Just because China's "carrier-killer" missile has a greater range than the planes aboard a US aircraft carrier doesn't mean the US would shy away from deploying a carrier within that range, Richardson has stated on different occasions. 
Again, Richardson challenged the notion that a so-called A2/AD zone was "an impenetrable keep out zone that forces can only enter at extreme peril to their existence, let alone their mission."
"We can fight from within these defended areas, and we will... this is nothing new and has been done before," said Richardson.
So while Russia and China can develop missiles and radars and declare their ranges on paper, things get a lot trickier in the real world, where the US has the most and best experience in operating.
"Potential adversaries actually have different geographic features like choke points, islands, ocean currents, mountains," said Richardson, who urged against oversimplifying complicated, and always unique circumstances in so-called A2/AD zones. 
"Have no doubt, the US navy is prepared to go wherever it needs to go, at any time, and stay there for as long as necessary in response to our leadership’s call to project our strategic influence," Richardson concluded.
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                                Apocalypse Now
              I love the smell of napalm in the morning
That war worked out well

China’s anti-access area denial defensive layers. Office of Naval Intelligence Image

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