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Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Bucket of Losers" says Hillary of Left-Wingers

Clinton: Left-Wingers are "Losers"

  • Sure the Hildabeast loves big government, but she has that in common with the entire GOP and most businessmen.
  • The fact is Hillary is not a traditional red flag waving Marxist. She is a believer in corrupt insider Corporatism where her family can be enriched and given the power she thinks it deserves. 

Wikileaks has uncovered an extensive amount of Hillary Clinton’s emails pertaining to her communications with John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman, concerning “nuclear energy, and media handling over donations to the Clinton Foundation from mining and nuclear interests.”
The Friday release contains 2,060 emails. They plan on releasing more emails from the Clinton campaign in increments and claim to have over 50,000 emails that are scheduled for future leaks.
The emails that have been released were retrieved from hackers who accessed Podesta’s email account.
In one quote from the leak, an apparent transcript of Clinton’s paid speech at a Goldman Sachs event shows Clinton referring to the left as a “bucket of losers”:
What we see on the left is in its way more disconcerting… This coalition, a collection of generally under-represented, low social capital individuals has become increasingly networked and increasingly motivated. This group that our analysts are calling the ((Makes air quotes)) bucket of losers could not only be a significant force in the next election but (.) could, on an outside percentile, even win.
Harry Walker Agency paid Clinton at least $3 million for speaking to financial firms and bank heads. Goldman Sachs paid Clinton $675,000 for three separate speeches.
On February 4, Clinton was asked whether she plans to release the transcripts of each of her paid speeches.  “I will look into it. I don’t know the status, but I will certainly look into it,” she responded.
Luckily for the rest of us, we do not have to wait for her to look into it.Could this be the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy?
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