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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sex and Idiot Sheeple Voters - America is Doomed

Just End The Bullshit Now

  • I am almost ready to reestablish the Monarchy and abolish elections just so I don't have to listen to retarded Sheeple voters and crooked politicians bitch over sex and other meaningless Bullshit.
  • Now the Elites tell us we must ignore the Clinton Foundation and unconstitutional wars and be "outraged" by the Trump sex scandal.

By Gary;

American society is fucking retarded.

We are obsessed with meaningless sex and sex scandals. The politicians exporting your job means nothing. Instead it boils down to "is Trump getting laid more than me" or does he talk mean.

Voyeurism is the rule of the day. The political Elites feed the mouth-breathing Sheeple voters a steady diet of scandal to distract them from major issues that really matter.

NAFTA Abolishing Jobs

In the 1990s both corrupt parties in Congress joined arm-in-arm and passed NAFTA. The GOP and Dems could have cared less if middle class Americans saw their jobs shipped off to Mexico.

You saw no outrage from the GOP on abolishing jobs. No the opposite was the case. They cheered so-called "free trade". Instead GOP outrage was reserved for Bill Clinton's blow jobs.

The Controlled Media Machine kept the public eye fixed on a three ring White House sex scandal while factories closed and the rust belt grew and grew.

In their own way the Democrats were happy to help the GOP fan the flames of sex scandal. They knew it took the public away from listening to the job loss warnings of Ross Perot and the Reform Party.

Now a Trump Sex "Scandal"

Oh my God, someone, somewhere is getting laid or using dirty words.  The world might end at any second.  Ignore the Clinton Foundation and hide the children from sex.

I am fucking sick and tired of this phony outrage ramped up by the bought and paid for Media Machine.

I honestly don't give a crap about who is getting laid. But note how open borders Republicans are coming out of the woodwork to join with Democrats and demand Trump step down so the safe open borders Mike Pence can move to the top of the ticket.

The drum beat of phony outrage from both open borders parties is bad enough. But what is worse, the Sheeple are lapping up the latest sex "scandal".

Gone from the headlines are jobs being exported to Mexico and Asia and the endless importation of millions of legal and illegal aliens to drive wages down.

The ancient Greeks and Romans did not let sexual activity get in the way of good government.  We have a lot to learn from them and a lot of growing up to do.

Monica Lewinsky
Sex and Idiot Sheeple Voters
Just distract the Sheeple, mouth-breathing voters with a sex scandal. Then you can steal billions of dollars, run unconstitutional wars and ship millions of jobs overseas and no one will notice or even care.

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