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Thursday, October 20, 2016

CNN cuts video feed once Wikileaks is mentioned

More from the corrupt media

  • I don't watch the Clinton News network. 
  • But this last year more and more I am turning off Fox News as it morphs into a propaganda arm of the Elite Oligarchs. When it comes up I suspect Sean Hannity's contract will not be renewed by Fox and other paid talking heads will also be dropped as Fox moves away from the right.
  • That leaves us thinking people the Internet based news to tell us the truth about what is happening in the world. . . . at least until the Internet sites are blocked for "hate speech".

(Infowars)  -  During an appearance on CNN this morning, Congressman Chris Collins’ satellite feed was cut as soon as he began talking about Wikileaks.

Host Chris Cuomo asked Collins what he thought Trump could do in tonight’s debate to prove he was fit for office. However, the Congressman went off script.
“Two thirds of the public know that Hillary Clinton’s a liar, she can’t be trusted and now the two faces of Hillary are coming out – the fact through Wikileaks she says one thing and….”
The feed is then immediately cut.
In an article published yesterday, CNN also downplayed the Wikileaks emails, insisting that they didn’t reveal any damaging scandals.
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CNN cuts satellite feed as soon as 
WikiLeaks is mentioned

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