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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Death Ray created by Russia

"Justice is coming to all of us, no matter what the fuck we do. You know, mankind's been trying to kill each other off since the beginning of time. Now, we finally have the power to finish the job."
The Comedian

(London Daily Mail)  -  Russian officials have unveiled a 'microwave gun' that can disable an unmanned drone and even a missile from up to 0.6 miles (1km) away.

The first sample of the weapon has been revealed following a secretive Russian Defense Ministry exhibition.

The 'death ray' will be used to target enemy drones and apparently deactivates the radios of UAVs and warheads, causing them to lose control.

Designed for the surface-to-air BUK missile system, the gun was developed by Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC).

'Working models of these weapons have been already developed and proved their effectiveness,' a UIC spokesperson told Sputnik News.

'This is a completely new type of weapon that has no equals either in this country or anywhere else in the world.' 

This type of weapon is known as a directed-energy weapon (DEW), and several have been developed before.

Igor Korotchenko, editor-on-chief of the National Defense journal said the test unit uses ultra-high frequency impulses to immobilise aircraft electronics.

This renders them useless during combat, he said, adding similar weapons were in development in the US and other countries.

'With its effective range apparently not exceeding one kilometre, this weapon may be used against UAVs flying right above the battlefield,' Korotchenko said.

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The Super Mega Death Ray

The weapon will be used on missile systems on the ground,
to target unmanned planes in the air. By directing high-frequency
microwaves towards a target, it is theoretically possibly to
destroy unprotected electronics.

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