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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IRS FASCISM - Banks demand you explain every deposit or withdrawal

Bi-Partisan IRS Fascism

  • Fascism and Corporatism are alive, well and growing in the U.S.
  • Banks are now acting as agents for the all-powerful Big Brother State and demanding that you give them an accounting of every deposit or withdrawal of your own money.  That info is then turned over to the IRS. 
  • Meanwhile neither of our Big Government loving political parties stands up for the people.  Why should they?  The bank provided information allows the bi-partisan funded IRS to gain more control over the people and wring them dry for more tax money.

(Infowars News)  -  Banks are beginning to demand that customers account for every deposit and withdrawal in their account before they can obtain a mortgage, another illustration of how capital controls imposed on the middle class are intensifying.

“My sister just bought a house and to get the mortgage she had to explain every deposit and cash withdrawal in her account going back five years. My mother had simply written her a check for $400 to reimburse her for picking up some medicine. They wanted her to explain why my mother gave her $400,” writes economist Martin Armstrong, adding that his sister was also grilled on the $2,000 she withdrew ever few months to pay for incidental purchases.

Another of Armstrong’s friends who shared an apartment with his girlfriend was also forced to account for five and a half years worth of rent checks he had written her before they could get a mortgage together.

“It is no longer good enough that you pay your taxes. Now they want to know to whom you are giving any money, right down to $50,” writes Armstrong, warning that the controls will have a negative impact on the housing market and force buyers to leave the United States.

The details are also reportedly being passed on to the IRS, with those who fail to account for payments being subject to five years in jail.

“This is all under the pretense of terrorism, whereby they have to know where every penny goes,” according to Armstrong, who is best known for predicting the 1987 Black Monday crash as well as the 1998 Russian financial collapse. “This is not applying a new law with notice that from this date forward you have to keep track of everything you do with anyone else, as in East Germany, Stasi, this is being applied retroactively.”

The financial elite are currently attempting to impose a myriad of new capital control on the middle class under the justification of preventing tax fraud and the financing of terrorism, including the idea of banning cash altogether which has already picked up steam in countries like Denmark and Sweden. 

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IRS Steals $107,000 from business owner
A corrupt IRS rampages through the country.  It is not an accident that neither party does anything to stop them.  The GOP and Dems want the IRS to beat the people into submission and instill fear.

Republican William Howard Taft
America's First Socialist President

  • In 1909 GOP President William Howard Taft urged the Republican controlled Congress to adopt the Marxist progressive income tax.  Taft and a GOP Congress brought Marxism and class warfare to the U.S. by passing the income tax amendment to the Constitution.  
  • The Republican Party promised to "soak the rich" (the top 1%). The GOP adopted Marxism in a shameless pandering for the votes of those who would not have to pay the tax.  Both Democrats and Republicans have been loyal to Karl Marx ever since.
  • I will be long dead in my grave before I see the flat income tax enacted by the big government loving Republican Party.
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It's Income Tax Day - Thank a Republican

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