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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gay Marriage - The Sun Also Rises

"Horror" - Gays can get married 
  • Social Conservatives are screaming that the world is ending. Yet somehow the sun came up today and this old earth manages to go on.

By Gary;

I find it rather entertaining to watch social Conservatives as they soil their pants on live TV over the Supreme Court ruling allowing Gays to be married.

Really, where was the outrage when the GOP, the Dems and Dear Leader teamed up to send millions of middle class jobs overseas?

No, real outrage appears to be restricted to who is sleeping with whom.

Sorry I can't get worked up about Gays out there somewhere getting married.  There are real issues to care about.

If the religious Conservatives are right then the Gays will go to Hell.  If they are wrong Gays will be welcome in Heaven.  It is not my call.  I will leave that final decision to a much higher authority.

The Supreme Court acted properly.  If a person is legally married in one state and moves to another state he has the right to have his legal marriage certificate recognized in his new state.  This is not rocket science and certainly nothing to froth up about.

In a week this "burning" issue will fade.  In a month it will be forgotten.  In a year no one will really care.

The sun will come up and the world will go on.

The Three Stooges Have The Answer
Ask a stupid question . . . . 

The world somehow goes on.

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