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Sunday, June 7, 2015

UK border guards ‘unable to cope’ with volume of illegal aliens

Africa and Asia Pour into UK

(RT News)  -  The former chief inspector of immigration in Britain, John Vine, has said that the UK Border Force cannot cope with the influx of migrants to the country as its most experienced officers reach retirement age and are not being replaced.

The Border Force is losing some of its most experienced officers, who have the knowledge and expertise to spot lorries being used by criminal gangs and stowaway migrants, according to Vine, the Telegraph reports.

40,000 suspected illegal migrants were stopped at UK ports between April 2014 and 2015 although many more would have made it through undetected. Vine said it was not sufficient to rely on spot checks on the thousands of vehicles passing through Britain’s ports every week.

“The sheer volume of traffic coming through these ports is such that only a small portion of traffic can be checked without the ports being clogged up. It has to rely on good intelligence. When I examined this in 2013 I found a lot of the older, experienced staff were leaving and they weren’t being replaced. Experienced staff on the front line will watch and see suspicious behavior and that’s as valuable as the proper use of intelligence,” he told the Telegraph.

Vine’s comments come a day after 68 people were found crammed into lorries at Harwich in Essex. Hidden among washing machines and freezers the group included 35 Afghan nationals, 22 Chinese nationals, 10 Vietnamese and one Russian. Two pregnant women were among them and have been taken to hospital; four Polish truck drivers have been arrested.

In August 2014, 53 migrants were found in a container at Tilbury Docks in Essex; one of them, a 40-year old from Afghanistan, was dead.

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