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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Today Nancy Pelosi is my hero - Obamatrade blocked for now

Nancy stood up for America
Boehner dropped his pants for Corporations

By Gary:

Wow.  There is a headline I never thought I would type.  But I'm not worried.  Give me a few days and I will be dumping on Pelosi again.

For reasons of her own Democrat Minority Leader and some Republicans temporarily blocked Obama's Corporatist trade bill that would have shipping jobs overseas, undermined American sovereignty and created an even more open border allowing immigrants to flood the job market.

Temporarily only.  The bill comes up for another vote next week, and you can bet that Obama will be offering billions in bribes and shovel ready projects for Congressmen to change their vote.

As it is the vote is something of a sham.

  • 144 House Democrats joined 158 Republicans to reject extension of Trade Adjustment Assistance.
  • But only moments after that "defeat" the House voted 219-211, to endorse the fast track portion of the package, but that could go nowhere without the first part. Only 28 Democrats joined 191 Republicans in voting for it. Voting no were 54 Republicans and 157 Democrats.

Bottom line, Congress wants to pass this bill.  The vote to "delay" was a public relation stunt so the Congresswhores can tell the people back home that they tried to help.

The Whore Republican Party

In that second vote only 54 Republicans opposed Obamatrade.

That is perhaps the true number of members in the GOP Caucus that actually gives a damn about the American people.  The rest are bought and paid for by multi-national corporate campaign donations or by promises of cushy high paying jobs when they leave office.

The fight for America goes on.

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