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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Turkish Islamists Lose Parliamentary Majority

A man holds a scarf that reads "Kurdistan is my everything, freedom is
my aim" during a rally in Diyarbakir(Ilyas Akengin/AFP)

Setback for Turkish Islamists

  • The Kurds have been screwed over by an Islamist Turkish government that has been running guns to Islamist Syrian rebels.  The Kurds won 80 seats in Parliament.

Celebrations in this predominantly Kurdish city in the southeast carried into their second day Monday, as supporters of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party reveled in its election to Turkey’s parliament, a historic first.

The elections Sunday also dealt an unprecedented blow to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his bid to consolidate power, but the only thing certain in their aftermath is that Turkey is heading into a period of uncertainty.

“Erdoğan’s ambition to transform Turkey to an executive-style presidential system of government is now over,” says Fadi Hakura, a specialist on Turkish affairs at Chatham House, London. “The silver lining in this election is that voters in Turkey have clearly rejected the creation of a super powerful presidency, but what happens next is not at all clear.”

For the first time since sweeping into power in 2002, Mr. Erdoğan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost its parliamentary majority, falling 18 seats short of the 276 needed to govern alone in Ankara’s 550-member parliament. But with all three opposition parties having campaigned against Erdoğan, forming a coalition will be difficult.

If the AKP, with 258 seats, is unable to form a governing alliance within 45 days after official results are confirmed, Turkey could be in for another round of elections.

The Kurds emerged as the big winners in Sunday’s poll, with the HDP securing enough votes to pass the 10 percent threshold for entering the legislature. In the celebrations that continued Monday, jubilant HDP supporters gathered in Newroz Square in central Diyarbakir, and throughout the city, to mark their victory. 
“I am so happy that the HDP got into parliament because it will mean the Kurdish people will have a voice in government and that Turkey will finally have peace,” says Dilek Curduz, a university student who wore several bracelets bearing the Kurdish flag.

Turkey election: AKP party loses
parliamentary majority - BBC News

Warning to American Readers
American voters please do not be frightened by the election results below where voters have multiple real political parties to choose from.  On the rest of the planet earth this is called a free election . . . something that has not existed in America for multiple generations.
You will soon turn the page and forget that people in other nations have real choices on election day.  You will go back to your dreamworld where you think the two Washington D.C. special interest funded parties actually care about you, and that you should care about them.
But maybe some day you will wake up and demand free elections in America.

Summary of the 7 June 2015 Grand National Assembly election results in Turkey
Votes %±ppElect.+/−
Justice and Development Party (AKP)18,716,72840.93−8.90256−53
Republican People's Party (CHP)11,467,33225.08−0.90132+7
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)7,489,88716.38+3.3782+29
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP)5,990,34913.10+7.4380+50
Felicity Party (SP)942,0272.06+0.790±0
Independents (BĞSZ)362,4780.79−0.110±0
Patriotic Party (VP)158,7970.35N/A0N/A
Independent Turkey Party (BTP)95,3990.21N/A0N/A
Democratic Left Party (DSP)88,2550.19−0.060±0
Democratic Party (DP)75,1950.16−0.490±0
Social Reconciliation Reform and Development Party (TURK-P)71,7930.16N/A0N/A
People's Liberation Party (HKP)60,2370.13N/A0N/A
Rights and Freedoms Party (HAK-PAR)57,7600.13N/A0N/A
True Path Party (DYP)28,3200.06−0.090±0
Anatolia Party (ANAPAR)27,3110.06N/A0−1
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)27,1670.06+0.020±0
Centre Party (MEP)20,6360.05N/A0−1
Nation Party (MP)17,5200.04−0.100±0
Communist Party (KP)13,6670.03N/A0N/A
Homeland Party (YURT-P)9,2530.02N/A0N/A
Rights and Justice Party (HAP)5,5920.01N/A0N/A
Valid votes44,959,80597.13−1.03
Invalid / blank votes1,326,4342.87+1.03
Votes cast / turnout46,286,23983.06+2.90
Registered voters53,772,753
Source: Anadolu Agency (99.94% counted.)


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