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Sunday, June 14, 2015

John McAfee: Police Are Eating Your Data

Must See Video

Alex Jones talks with Internet pioneer, cyber security expert and patriot John McAfee about the police's use of the Stingray device to spy on the public.  Advance the YouTube to the 8:15 mark for the interview.

1984 in London

Secret spy towers are 'snooping on 

Londoners' private phone calls'

(UK Mirror)  -  Top-secret hidden spy towers hidden across London are being used to intercept private telephone conversations, it has been alleged.
Up to 20 of the snoop-spires are thought to be dotted around the capital, using controversial Stingray technology to listen in on phone calls.
Police are tight-lipped on the use of these privacy-punishing devices, refusing to confirm or deny their existence.
But Sky News used sophisticated software and hardware from a firm called Cryptophone to track down the spy towers.
At a public event attended by Mirror Online in May, Metropolitan Police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe refused to acknowledge whether his force was using Stingrays.
"We're not going to talk about it, because the only people who benefit are the other side, and I see no reason in giving away that sort of thing," he said.
"If people imagine that we've got the resources to do as much intrusion as they worry about, I would reassure them that it's impossible."
Stingrays are also known as IMSI catchers and impersonate mobile phone towers, allowing spies to snoop on conversation or pull other sensitive data from targets' phones.
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