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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Saudi Arabian tribes join Yemeni jihadists in fighting Saudi security forces

GOP Warmongers Take Note

  • Sabre rattling GOP Presidential candidates just can't wait to send American troops in to shoot or bomb one side or another in Africa or the Middle East.  Call me "crazy", but you need a score card to keep track of who is on which side on a given day.

(The Examiner)  -  With the fierce combat between the Yemeni jihadist forces led by the Houthi group and the Saudi Arabian military and security forces in Najran province in the Saudi Arabian border area adjacent to Yemen, hundreds of residents of the border region who have fled the fighting are facing a drastic shortage of foodstuff. 

As a result of the famine and violence, the tribal sheikhs and their underlings in Najran announced Monday that they've detached themselves from the Saudi Kingdom and officially joined the Yemenis in their jihad against their own country, according to Middle Eastern news media.

One of the top sheikhs, Fouzi Akram, who leads two tribes -- the Yaam and the Walad Abdullah -- in Najran claimed on Monday that the city's tribes have immediate plans for separation from the Central government in Riyadh, according to Fars News Agency.

Sheikh Akram said that the tribes' demands for autonomy came about as a result of the alleged Saudi Kingdom's brutal and murderous action against Yemen and the presence of the Saudi military men in Najran. "All Yemeni tribes are threatened by Saudi Arabia and we are ready for martyrdom for Allah's cause," he told FNA.

"The Najran tribes in a statement declared war against the occupying Saudi regime, stressing that the House of Saud represents corruption on the Earth and sheds the bloods of innocent people across the globe in a very routine and normal manner," a Muslim cleric, Abdulaziz Farid, told FNA.

According to Farid, "[T]he seditionist Saudi regime wants to turn the Najran region into the forefront of war against its brothers and neighbors and has used this region for artillery attacks against Yemen since the second week of the war" on the Yemeni people.

But the Saudi military is surprised at the actions in Najran. On May 9, shells fired by jihadists in Yemen killed five people, while three others died in a mortar and rocket attack on Najran. It was "killing for the sake of killing," Brig. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, the Kingdom's spokesman said.

Prior to Monday's announcement, the Saudi National Guard's Gen. Mutaib bin Abdullah sent gifts, worth millions, to the Arab leaders in Najran to garner their loyalty and to prevent them from helping and supporting Yemen's Islamist movement. But the Najran leaders said they will continue to oppose their region being used to launch attacks against Yemen and they claimed they turned down the Saudi cash.

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