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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bob Beckel dropped from ‘The Five’

Bye Bye Bobbie
Beckel earned hatred from the Left for daring 
speak out against Islam.

(IJ Review)  -  News leaked Thursday that Bob Beckel was leaving “The Five,” Fox News channel’s wildly successful afternoon talk show.
While initial reports indicated that Beckel’s departure was amicable, Fox News, which is said to have supported Beckel for years as he dealt with addiction issues, subsequently released a statement on why they “came to the end of the road” with the liberal host:
“We tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold The Five hostage to one man’s personal issues. He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill and we simply came to the end of the road with him.
But in the same statement, Fox gave a preview of who will be on air in Beckel’s place, at least for the short term:
Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be among those rotating on the show for the near future.”

So who will be Beckel’s full time replacement? While only time can tell, we imagine viewers of “The Five” are eagerly waiting.
His Fox colleagues would sometimes—on-air—chuckle and call attention to his colorful past, which includes heavy drug use (cocaine was his favorite), alcoholism, extortion, and a prostitute.
"I used a lot of cocaine in my life,” Beckel said during a Hannity segment on spring-break debauchery last year. (Fox News hates spring break.) “I've had good cocaine and bad cocaine. I'll guarantee you the stuff they're selling down [at Spring Break nowadays to kids] is bad. It's mixed, and it makes you feel like it's cocaine. But it's generally cut with stuff as bad as the stuff that cleans out toilets."
He also once joked about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg snorting coke to prep for a press conference.
Beckel is nothing if not open about his past struggles with alcohol.
“[The alcoholic] wakes up sick and tired, looks out the window of his car to be sure the front end is not dented in and, worse yet, that there’s no blood on it,” he said at a gala dinner in 2013.
“You get fewer and fewer invitations, which is understandable since you’ve knocked over four or five Christmas trees…You find yourself drifting to the only place you can: the dark world. It is full of people like ourselves, who are drinkers, who convince themselves they can stop drinking if they wanted to, but they are lying to themselves. They are all con people, but the problem was they didn’t understand I was the biggest con man in the crowd.”
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The Hell with Bob.  Kimberly is better to look at.

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