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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Scotland: "No more money for the Queen."

Stockholm Syndrome in Scotland

  • For centuries the Scots have licked the boots of the English who conquered them.  Scots even started to identify themselves with their captors and called themselves British.  Now, inch by inch, the Scots are working toward freedom. 

(Business Insider)  -  The Queen is set to lose out on £2 million ($3.2 million) a year because the Scottish government is refusing to give her any more money.
Senior Scottish parliament sources said in no uncertain terms to several British newspapers, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Times, that Scotland's parliament, now led by Nicola Sturgeon, was looking to ax handouts from the Crown Estate, north of the border.
The Daily Mail said, without citing sources, "from April 1 next year, the SNP-led Scottish government has chosen to bank the money itself."
Meanwhile, an unnamed senior aide told The Guardian "originally, Alex Salmond did imply that might happen. But the new leadership said no," in response to the claim that Scotland would still give the Queen money from the Crown Estate.
In The Telegraph, a senior aide said Scotland would not be giving money from the Crown Estate to the Queen: "Not through the Sovereign Grant, no." The courtier added the rest of the UK could bear the cost burden: "At the moment there's no other mechanism in place to compensate. It would be nice if the proportion was increased from the rest of the UK."
The Crown Estate is an independent commercial business that manages the Queen's property portfolio, which mainly includes land and properties.
The profits are passed on to the UK Treasury, and a slice is given to the Queen.

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