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Friday, June 19, 2015

Jeb Bush Sinking in Florida

Florida: Rubio rises from 11% to 18%
Jeb Bush slips from 25% to 20%.
Scott Walker drops from 22% to 9%.

(Washington Post)  -  Jeb Bush had a plan.
He was going to announce his intention to consider running for the presidency, it seemed, and then start vacuuming up money and endorsements. Once he was ready to launch his campaign, he'd shock-and-awe the competition. His plan for his delegate-rich home state of Florida, as the New York Times had it, was "homeland security" -- locking it away through personal outreach and strategic hiring.
But, as his brother is well aware, shock-and-awe campaigns don't always win wars.
New Quinnipiac University polling shows that Florida is by no means secure for Bush and, worse, that it's getting less and less secure as time passes. The group has been surveying the state since February, allowing us to see how its Republican voters are shifting. Marco Rubio, the main threat to Bush (for obvious reasons), has been up and down. But Bush has been only dropping.
In the most recent poll, the two are two points apart -- well within the margin of error. It's what's known as a statistical tie.
It gets worse for Bush. When you look at the favorability numbers for the two, both are still very popular. But Bush's favorability number keeps slipping. Rubio's keeps increasing.
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