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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GOP admits Obamatrade to cause job losses

Jesus H. Christ!
  • What the fuck is going on with the "small government" GOP?  They have gone insane and are working with Dear Leader Obama to ship even more middle class jobs overseas.

By Gary;

The fucking morons running the Republican Party have gone total 100% Bat-Shit Crazy.

The Republicans are trying to rush a vote on Obamatrade this week while the media and the American people are denied the right to read the bill.

The open borders GOP no longer represents the American people.  They are everything the Leftists have always claimed:  the bought and paid for tools of multi-national Wall Street corporations.

The latest horror is the GOP plan to screw over seniors on Medicare.  Politico reports:

"Behind the scenes, Boehner and Ryan are consulting with Pelosi, the White House and other senior Democrats to avoid capping Medicare spending to pay for financial assistance to workers who lose their jobs to free trade, aid formally known as Trade Adjustment Assistance."  (Politico)

The whore Republican Party is in an alliance with Dear Leader Obama and multi-national Wall Street corporations to destroy American sovereignty and ship even more middle class jobs to Asia.

I have Blogged over and over that our elections are phony . . . a sham event that keeps electing the same set of traitors over and over while other political parties are not on the ballot as a choice.

The Elites have paid off the political class.  They are determined to get their way sooner or later.  We the people are royally screwed.

GOP Agrees with Obama on Secret Globalist Trade Agreement

Elected representatives and the people they represent are not allowed to know what’s in the agreement as it is being fast-tracked.

A Party of Traitors

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