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Monday, September 19, 2016

Why does the GOP hate the military?

Iowa National Guard troops in Afghanistan.  (Des Moines Register)

The GOP Shrinks The Military

  • It is bad enough that the GOP Congress has deliberately left our borders wide, wide open to millions of legal and illegal aliens. But the Republicans have been shrinking our military in the face of the threat of Radical Islam and the rise of Communist China.
  • Republicans love to play the game of blaming the Democrats. But the truth is the GOP has controlled Congress for 17 out of the last 21 years. Congress votes the cash and the GOP has chosen to shrink all branches of our armed forces.
  • Our regular military is so weak that National Guard units are sent to war in Asia. In Asia they protect the borders of U.S. allies while our borders back home are wide open.

FORT STEWART, Ga. (AP) — Before citizen-soldiers of the 48th Infantry Brigade deployed to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Georgia National Guard troops spent months training away from their families and day jobs as they prepared for war. Now a shrinking Army wants them able to get ready for combat sooner.
The brigade's 4,200 soldiers are the first of 13 National Guard and Army Reserve units nationwide chosen to test a new role that pairs them with commanders on active-duty who will oversee their training.
The Pentagon hopes the change will make the Guard and Reserve troops better prepared to fight overseas at a time when the Army has roughly 100,000 fewer full-time soldiers than it did at the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"We're still a National Guard unit, but we're hopefully maintaining a high level of training," said Col. Reginald Neal, the 48th Brigade's commander and a former school teacher and administrator.
A few hundred of the brigade's citizen-soldiers — who work as police officers and engineers, attorneys and truck drivers in their day jobs — attended a ceremony Friday at Fort Stewart in which the Guard soldiers stripped the brigade's lightning bolt insignia from their left shoulders and replaced it with the diagonally striped square patch of their new active-duty partner, the 3rd Infantry Division.
Though they still typically train one weekend each month — a schedule not expected to change in their new role — the 48th Brigade's soldiers long ago shed the National Guard's old weekend warrior stereotype.
The brigade deployed alongside 3rd Infantry units to spend a year fighting in Iraq in 2005, followed by a yearlong tour in Afghanistan in 2009. The citizen-soldiers paid their dues in blood. In all, 34 Georgia guardsmen were killed during the two deployments.
"This isn't that crazy of a thing we're doing here," said Maj. Gen. Jim Rainey, commander of the 3rd Infantry, who noted the shared history between his division and the Georgia Guard unit. "We've trained together, we've fought together, and sadly we've bled together."

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The GOP has run Congress for 17 out 
of the last 21 years. The VA system is crap 
for decades. Take a guess who is responsible.

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