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Friday, September 9, 2016

1984 - Employee ID badge records you talking at work

Big Brother is Watching You

  • If your fascist employer is recording your every word, don't think for one second that those records will not be shared with Big Brother Government in the name of "national security".

(Washington Post)  -  Do you hog office conversations? Or not talk enough? Does your voice squeal?
Do you sit very still at your desk all day? Or do you fidget under stress? Where do you go in the office? How much time do you spend there? To whom do you talk?
An employee badge can now measure all this and more, all with the goal of giving employers better information to evaluate performance. Think of it as biometrics meets the boss.
Now your ID badge
spies on you.
A Boston company has taken technology developed at MIT and turned it into special badges that hang around your neck on a lanyard. Each has two microphones doing real-time voice analysis, and each comes with sensors that follow where you are in the office, with motion detectors to record how much you move. The beacons tracking your movements are omitted from bathroom locations, to give you some privacy.
“Within three or four years, every single ID badge is going to have these sensors,” predicted Ben Waber, chief executive of Humanyze, a Boston-based employee analytics company. “We are only scratching the surface right now.”
Those concerned about their privacy might be alarmed by the arrival of such badges. But Humanyze says it doesn’t record the content of what people say, just how they say it. And the boss doesn’t get to look at individuals’ personal data. It is also up to the employee to decide whether they want to participate.
“Those are things we hammer home,” Waber said. “If you don’t give people choice, if you don’t aggregate instead of showing individual data, any benefit would be dwarfed by the negative reaction people will have of you coming in with this very sophisticated sensor.”
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“Nothing was your own except the few
cubic centimetres inside your skull. ” 

― George Orwell1984

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